.......and give an update on um, things. I've been having a lot of difficulty with both posting and commenting. So, I'm still reading, and attempting to comment, best as I'm able.

Went to Mexico, had my teeth worked on, yay! My mom & her hubby are in town for the week, yay!


Below is medical grossness, read at your own risk.

Before going to Mexico, I went for a mani-pedi, and had decided to have my underarms waxed. The next day my underarms were sore and starting to get these lumps, which has never happened before (I've been waxed hundreds of times without major issues). When we got back Monday, it was super swollen, I had a low grade fever, and was in so much pain. I tried treating at home for a few days, hot compress, witch hazel & tea tree oil. Nope. Went to urgent care Thursday. Ended up getting 9 incisions to drain the infection, the doc worked on me for at least an hour. They took a culture to see what strain of staph it is, I'm hoping it's not MRSA. I'm on abx, and once the culture result is back, we may have to get more aggressive with treatment. If you've read this far, please send me good vibes, prayers, or whatever your method, that I heal quickly and gently.


nuKinja Hates me, its TaKen nearly An hour to writ This Because This is what it looks Like Without serious Editing.

I heart you guise!

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